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Non-profit association VITARU

Help and support to victims of violence Worldwide, especially the Russian-speaking.

We are an international team that helps the Russian-speaking population around the world!

If you need help (psychological, legal) - we are always there!

#WeWillHelp if you are in trouble!

About Us

The VITARU project was registered in 2019 in Italy.

Our mssion is to help and support the Russian-speaking population in the countries of the world. The main mission is to help women and children in difficult situations.

During the COVID19 epidemic, we opened up another area: helping doctors and people emotionally affected by COVID19.

Our Mission is to help people, raise people's emotional state, get out of the state of stress (tension) with external emergency factors (COVID19, violence, etc.).

Our team

Our team is made of certified specialists from different countries of the world: psychologists, lawyers, volunteers

Psychological help

Legal aid

Volunteers and team



Vice President VITARU Non- Profit Association

President VITARU Non- Profit Association

Director VITAUKR, project manager VITARU


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Calendar of events

Presentation of the book "Family Mediation" avv. Daniela Greco,

Start of event: 2021.12.04 18:00

End of event: 2021.12.04 18:30


Start of event: 2021.12.04 19:30

End of event: 2021.12.04 22:00


Start of event: 2021.12.05 16:00

End of event: 2021.12.05 18:00

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